ASC Base


Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) Resource Base

Our ASC Resource Base is part of the provision that we offer for children with Autism. This provision is based around our belief that all children with ASC require personalised learning opportunities. Each child has an individual timetable to ensure that they are accessing as much of their learning as possible within their mainstream classroom, whilst also receiving specific intervention to support their needs. This may include explicit teaching around speech and language, social skills, motor skills and sensory development.

Applying for a place in our ASC Resource Base

Applications for a place in our ASC Resource Base are managed by Southwark’s Special Educational Needs Section. If you are considering applying for a place at our Resource Base, there are a few things you need to know;

  • Children applying for a place must have a diagnosis of Autism
  • Children must have a Education, Health and Care plan or statement of special educational needs
  • If you, or your child’s school, contact Southwark SEN regarding applying for a Resource Base place, this will be discussed by a team of SEN professionals

Decisions are based on children’s needs and availability of places at the Resource Base schools

Southwark SEN can offer you further guidance and support, just call 0207 525 4278